About Us

Ghost RC is a different kind of RC store.  It is run by one single person, me, as a hobby to simply fund my RC car racing.  My racing is then a way to promote the site – and there you have the circle of my RC life!  I buy too much RC stuff, use some of it and the bits I don’t need or the bits I no longer need go on here to fund my next RC purchase!

I also source some awesome hop-up parts from some of the more independent brands for you to enjoy!

Most of the stock on the site used to be mine, some is brand new and unused and some may have been used.  When I list the items, I will add a condition (either new or used) and in the description I will add anything that should be noted.  For you, this simply means you can buy parts cheaper.

The majority of products will not be in their original packaging, and are usually supplied in a little zip lock bag, but do you really care if you get the same product for less?

The stock levels on the site are live, and if it’s listed on the site it is in stock.

Lee - Ghost RC